refrigerated shipping containers


40 foot shipping containers

At Port Shipping Containers we have both new and used 40 foot shipping containers. These include general purpose, high cube, side opening, open top, flat rack, insulated and/or refrigerated 40 foot shipping containers. People use these containers for shipping, storage and converting. General purpose, high cube,...

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New Refrigerated Container

New Refrigerated Container A new refrigerated container is an effective way to transport or store items or goods that require a temperature-controlled environment. A "reefer" is a must-have if you transport or store grocery items like seafood and vegetables or flowers.You want your items to arrive...

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Australia’s remote geographical location means the country is hugely reliant on imported goods; everything from German cars and Japanese computers, to Italian shoes and Scotch whisky. Figures from 2016 show that $181 billion’s worth of imports flooded into the country, the bulk of them in...

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