Port Shipping Containers have designed ablution blocks  for remote areas that can be used almost anywhere without the need of power and water services. Our remote ablution unit is solar powered with battery storage that can run the unit continuously for 3 hrs (with a maximum of 6 hrs with a battery upgrade). It also has timed power switches that can be set to turn off after a certain time to conserve energy. Featuring a 2000L water tank and pump that supplies two cubicals, one with a toilet and the other with a urinal, and a stainless steel wash basin. For more information on this ablution unit, or you would like a quote, please give us a call or fill in the instant quote form below.

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Large Range of Designs

Port Shipping have a range of designs available for your choice of ablution blocks for remote areas, though if you have a particular layout in mind we can create an ablution block or portable bathroom to your specifications. Our ablution blocks can be fitted with toilets, urinals, wash basins, benches, showers, fans and mirrors and come in a range of sizes. Our portable toilet blocks are useful at construction sites, holiday parks and music festivals. For more information on our ablution units please contact Port Container Services on 1300 957 709.

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Specifications for Ablution Blocks for Remote Areas

  • 1 x Fully Painted High Cube Shipping Container (20’ x 9’6”)
  • 1 x Flush handle personnel door with dead lock
  • 1 x Fully Insulated Roof Only
  • 1 x Insulated Partition Wall
  • 1 x Single man urinal
  • 1 x Toilets + Fittings + Recess
  • 2 x Toilet Partitions
  • 3 x Small Vented Windows
  • 2 x Fans
  • 1 x Hand Basins Cold Water
  • 1 x S/S mirror
  • 1 x Vent
  • 1 x Whirlybird
  • 1 x 2000L water tank
  • 3 x Solar panels
  • 4 x Solar batteries in secure box
  • 1 x Water pump
  • 3hrs constant running time
  • Plumbing
  • Optional Sump and fittings

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