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Shipping Container Hire for Residential and Commercial Use

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for efficient, reliable, and versatile storage and transportation solutions has surged. And what’s the solution? Shipping container hire in Liverpool. Be it residential relocation or commercial goods storage, shipping containers provide an unparalleled solution tailored to diverse needs.

Below you will see our complete range of shipping containers for hire or call direct on 1300 946 493.

Standard Range of Shipping Containers for Hire

If you need a container delivered quickly or 500 containers delivered for a big event, our shipping container hire team Have the expertise to ensure you get what you need on time and on budget.

10ft Standard Container
10Ft Container For Hire


• Compact in size
• Easy to transport and move around
• Rated tie-down points internally
• Heavy duty floor, rated to 8.86 tonnes
• Extremely secure and perfect for storage
• 2.9mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9mH (HC)
• The cubic storage capacity of 16m3

20ft Standard Container
20Ft Container For Hire


Standard Height (GP) or Extra High (HC) options
Cheap to transport and can be railed and shipped
Can fit an average 3 bedroom house of contents
The most commonly used size – stock always ready
Heavy duty floor, rated to over 20 tonnes
6.1mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9mH (HC)
The cubic storage capacity is 33m3

40ft Standard Container
40Ft Container


Best value for money for secure storage
Can be trucked, railed and shipped easily
Store the contents for a large family home
Suitable for large bulky equipment
Heavy duty floor, rated to over 26 tonnes
12.2mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9mH (HC)
The cubic storage capacity is 67.5m3

Specialised Range of Shipping Containers for Hire

Sometimes you just need the right product for the right job. Port has a huge range of specialised shipping containers for hire. We have very attractive leasing terms and prices you will not get elsewhere. You need to hire a shipping container, we make it easy!

20ft Refrigerated Container
20Ft Refrigerated


Food grade internal lining
Working Temperature range +20c to -20c
Aluminium T-Flooring circulates cool are and easy clean
3 Phase plug and play connect
Trusted top quality reefer brands only
Payload capacity 27,400kg
6.1mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9m H (HC)

40ft Refrigerated Container
40Ft Refrigerated Container For Hire


Food grade internal lining
Working Temperature range +20c to -20c
Aluminium T-Flooring circulates cool are and easy clean
3 Phase plug and play connect
Trusted top quality reefer brands only
Payload capacity 29,350kg
12.2mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9m H (HC)

20ft Side Opening Container
20Ft Side Opening Container For Hire


Full side access in addition to the standard container doors
Load and unload bulky items with ease
Multiple locking options guaranteed security
Extra heavy duty internal tie down points
6.1mL x 2.44W x 2.6mH (GP) or 2.9m H (HC)
Payload capacity 20,800kg
Perfect for warehouse storage

10ft Dangerous Goods Container
10Ft Dangerous Goods Container For Hire


Compact in size
Easy to transport and move around
Hazardous goods bund capacity of 1500L
Compliant for classes 3, 4, 5.1, 6, 8, 9
Large ventilation for maximum cross flow
Ball lock values within bund for cleaning
All safety signage and safety handle fitted

20ft Dangerous Goods Container
20Ft Dangerous Goods Container For Hire


Best value for Hazardous storage
Full side wall access, easy to load and unload
Hazardous goods bund capacity of 2300L
Compliant for classes 3, 4, 5.1, 6, 8, 9
Large ventilation for maximum cross flow
Ball lock values within bund for cleaning
All safety signage and safety handle fitted

20ft Site Office Container
Site Office For Hire


Complete office fit out – ready for your furniture
Split System Air conditioning fitted
Kitchen with sink fitted down one end
Easy to Transport and move around
Very secure with multiple locking options
Personal access door with two windows
Could make a perfect crib room

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Shipping Container Lease has Big Advantages

Many of our shipping container hires come with a no locked in contracts, pay by the month until you simply no longer need it! Our logistics team will pick up that shipping container lease when you’re finish easy with no fuss. There is a reason Port is so well known for shipping container hire all over Australia. You get a dedicated team focused on shipping container hire and transport!

Hire for your Next Event

Hire enough containers to create a sound wall for your upcoming music concert or hire refrigerated shipping containers to handle the surplus of cold drinks and food for when the circus comes to town. There is so much you can do when you hire a shipping container for your next big event.

Move house at your own pace

Need to move house or relocate your business ? Hire a shipping container for your next move and do it in your own time. If its to the next town across or heading instate we deliver to your door, pick up when you are ready and relocate it to your new place. All the hassle is taken out of moving when you have Port on your side taking care of all the movements.

Dangerous Goods Container Hire

Store your paints, oils and fuel in a compliant hazardous goods container, these days it’s a must for an business to store their Hazardous goods in a compliant store. Dangerous goods container hire has very low minimum hire terms and such an inexpensive way to ensure your goods and your staff are protected. Other DG classes available all come fully certified!

Short-Term and Long-Term Shipping Container Hire

Port Shipping Containers understands the dynamic requirements of the Liverpool community. Whether you’re undergoing a home renovation and need a temporary space for your belongings or a business searching for extended storage needs, we’ve got you covered. With options ranging from a few days to several months, our container hire solutions are tailored to suit any timeframe.

Wide Range of Shipping Containers Available

10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot sizes

From compact 10ft containers perfect for home renovations to spacious 40ft shipping containers designed to handle extensive cargo for businesses, our range meets varied storage and shipping requirements.ontainer sizes to suit your specific requirements. Our range includes the versatile 20ft shipping container, which stands as a popular choice for various applications.

General Purpose Shipping Container Hire

Our general purpose containers are the backbone of our fleet. They are robust, watertight, and versatile, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of storage and shipping needs.

High Cube Shipping Container Hire

An extra foot higher than a standard shipping container

For those who need that extra space, the high cube container offers an additional foot in height compared to the standard shipping container. Ideal for taller items or when you’re trying to maximize storage capacity.

Side Opening Shipping Containers

Standard double doors with a full 270 degree opening

Large side opening doors for easy access

Easy access, especially for larger goods, is essential. Our side opening containers come equipped with doors that open a full 270°, ensuring you can quickly store and retrieve your cargo.

Specialised Containers for Specific Needs

From refrigerated shipping containers designed to keep goods at optimal temperatures to dangerous goods shipping containers ensuring safe transport and storage, our specialized range caters to niche requirements.

Some of our specialized containers include:

  • Gantry Containers

  • Bulker Shipping Containers

  • Open Top Half Height Shipping Containers

  • Flat Rack Shipping Containers

  • Insulated Shipping Containers

  • Dangerous Goods Container

  • Refrigerated Shipping Containers … and many more.

Modified Shipping Container Hire

Beyond standard and specialized containers, Port Shipping Containers is proud to offer an array of modified containers tailored for unique needs:

  • Shipping Container Kitchens

  • Container Workshops

  • Open Top Half Height Shipping Containers

  • Trade Show Displays

  • Shipping Container Bars

  • Shipping Container Homes … among others.

These modified shipping containers are a testament to the versatility and adaptability of steel shipping containers. Whether you’re setting up a trendy cafe or a portable office space, the possibilities are endless.

Container Applications

Competitive Shipping Container Hire Rates

Value-Packed Solutions for Every Budget

We believe in transparent pricing without compromising on the quality of our service. Our rates are not just competitive; they reflect our commitment to providing Liverpool residents with the best value.

Delivery and Pick-Up Services Available

Worried about transporting a large 20ft or 40ft shipping container? Don’t be. With our fleet of tilt tray trucks, we ensure smooth delivery and pickup, irrespective of the container size. Our delivery team ensures that your container reaches your premises on time.

Our Container Depots Across Australia

While our heart belongs to Liverpool, our network spans Australia. From bustling city centers to serene countryside, our depots ensure timely delivery and service.

Ready to embrace the versatility and convenience of shipping container hire? Contact us on our helpline or fill out our inquiry form. Your storage and shipping solutions are just a call away. And remember, with Port Shipping Containers Liverpool, your goods are always in safe hands.

Engage with us, share your thoughts, or seek more information in the comments section below. Explore our range, and let’s find the perfect container solution for you. For detailed shipping container dimensions or to discuss specific storage needs, do not hesitate to reach out.

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