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Shipping Container Architecture Increasingly Popular in Australia

Shipping container architecture may seem like old news to many, but the fact is that the ‘cargotecture’ phenomenon is increasingly popular with Australian buyers across all six states, who are looking for an alternative and affordable approach to home owning. They can be thrown up...

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Big Rise in Shipping Container Traffic Predicted for Port of Melbourne

The Port of Melbourne’s new private owners, the Australian-led, Lonsdale Consortium, predict that the massive Victoria terminal, which currently handles around 3,000 vessels and 2.5 million shipping containers per year, could expand over the next few decades and see as many as 15 million TEU’s...

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40 Foot Shipping Container

Our 40' shipping containers are ideal for transporting your goods from 'A' to 'B'. They are large enough to move the contents of a 4-5 bedroom home. All 40' shipping containers are built with a solid steel structure and includes timber flooring and standard double...

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40 Foot Container

If your in the market for a shipping container and need more space then a 10' or even a 20' storage container then our 40' units are for you. Our 40 foot containers for sale come standard with timber flooring and double swing doors for...

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