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The Reality of Building and Living in Shipping Container Homes

There are many reasons why Australians opt for buying shipping container homes. Low cost and fast build, in comparison to conventional housing construction techniques, are two of the most common motivations stated by buyers. But what are the realities behind the recent shipping container architecture...

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Shipping Container Architecture Increasingly Popular in Australia

Shipping container architecture may seem like old news to many, but the fact is that the ‘cargotecture’ phenomenon is increasingly popular with Australian buyers across all six states, who are looking for an alternative and affordable approach to home owning. They can be thrown up...

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Tips For Choosing Used Shipping Containers

When you want to buy your shipping containers, you have the option to choose brand new shipping containers or used shipping containers. You can keep the upfront expenses low by choosing to buy used shipping containers. However, you need to be cautious while choosing your...

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Used Shipping Containers Revolutionise Construction Industry

A growing number of bright sparks in the construction and architecture industries are realising that used shipping containers have not reached the end of their usefulness when they are retired from shipping service. Used shipping containers are in many ways an ideal building material. They are...

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New and Used Shipping Containers of the Highest Quality

With locations in five major cities, Port Shipping Containers is one of Australia's largest suppliers of new and used shipping containers. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Newcastle, all with the same huge variety of shipping containers for sale or hire. As a large...

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Used Shipping Container for Sale

Port Shipping Containers specialise is the hire and sales of shipping containers. We not only stock new shipping containers, but we also have a range of used containers for sale and hire also. Our used containers are serviced and fully refurbished to near new condition, or if...

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Second Hand Shipping Containers

For the best second hand shipping containers in the country, speak to Port Shipping Containers. Our shipping containers second hand are just as tough as our brand new containers, can be accessorised any way you like and are also wind, water and vermin proof. A revamped...

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