For hobbyists and growing families, there’s always a need for more space. Instead of doing an expensive home renovation or home addition to get another room for your home photography studio, kids’ playroom or other use, used shipping containers are an ideal solution. You can enjoy a customised backyard Shipping Container Studio without having to spend as much money as you would with a traditional renovation.

As a bonus advantage – you’ll be reducing waste and preserving the environment by repurposing a shipping container for your project.

Here’s a look at what homeowners across Australia are doing with shipping containers in their backyards.

Garden Shipping Container Studio

Why have a garden shed when you could have a garden studio? At Port Shipping Containers, we can add as many windows as you’d like if you want to create a shipping container studio that doubles as a greenhouse. You can also have plumbing installed, as well as ventilation to create an ideal environment for your plants.

Arts and Crafts Shipping Container

If only you had your own dedicated space to work on your painting, sculpture, sewing, woodworking or other personal passion – imagine what you could do. With shipping containers, you can create your inspired space. Customise it, paint it, and add the right lighting and furniture and you’ll have a backyard haven to enjoy your hobby. Who knows? Maybe converting a shipping container into a home studio will be just what you need to take your art to the next level.

Kids Play Area

A dedicated play area that can handle anything the kids throw at it? Sounds perfect. With steel shipping containers, converted for comfort and convenience, you can build the ultimate backyard play room for the kids to let their imaginations run wild. One design idea we recommend is to customise your shipping container studio with sliding doors on one wall. That way, when the weather is nice, the kids can open up their play area and let their games spill out into the backyard.

Shipping Container Home Office

If you are one of the 2 million plus Australians who are self-employed, you can save a lot of money in creating a home office space by using a converted shipping container studio. Get the quiet, well-lit, secluded office space you need without having to add an additional room to your house.

Your shipping containers can be fitted out with a work desk, electrical outlets – you can even put in a mini fridge so you have plenty to eat whilst you are working. With shipping containers, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t let the cost and stress of a home renovation project stand in the way of you getting the living, creating, or workspace you and your family need. Contact Port Shipping Containers today and we’ll work with you to make your studio vision a reality.