Shipping Container Shops

Specialising in Retail Solutions, Port Shipping Containers can design and construct a portable shipping container shops based on your requirements. Whether you’re looking to run your own Cafe, or interested in a trendy Container Bar or Retail Store, our experienced team of container engineers can build the ideal solution for your needs. Choose from a large range of accessories that can be installed into your modified container or choose from one of our pre-designed units so you can start your business sooner.

Pre-designed Shipping Container Shops – The Entrepreneur Range

Port Shipping Containers designed and developed a range of container shops for those wanting to build something off the plan, so they can get there business up and running asap. We took a lot of time finessing the design of our shipping container shops and choosing the right inclusions so that our customers receive a highly efficient product that will bring them a fast return on there investment.

Below you can find our off the plan Shipping Container Shops that are purpose built for a variety of applications.

The Wanderer Container Bar

Container Bars are becoming a popular attraction in city nightlife. With a large list of inclusions, ‘The Wander’ is robust and secure and will draw a crowd at any location. This 20ft unit is fitted with Bar Counters with beer dispensing taps, refrigerators and everything you need to get your business operational.

The Rover Container Kiosk

The Rover is a fully kitted out portable Container Kiosk perfect for a number of applications including Special Events, Festivals and Holiday Parks. If you want to have a shop that is quick to open quickly to serve pre-prepared food and drinks to large crowds, and be rest assured your business asset is safe whilst your not in operation then this unit is for you.

The Nomad Container Cafe

Thinking of opening your own coffee shop? Check out our new Nomad Container Cafe!
Everything you need to start serving customers is right here, with stainless steel prep counters, professional espresso machine, refrigerator, glass display unit and more. We can even brand your Container Cafe to suit your identity!

The Vogue Container Shop

You won’t find a more upmarket pop-up container shop like the Vogue! This unit has high quality features such as a full height awning with a bronze mirror finish. The awning opens to reveal a matching bronze mirror counter top and cladded front counter. Built as a Non-Food Prep Container, it could be used for a number of applications.

The Starter Shop Bare Basics

On a tight budget and just want the bare essentials? Our Starter Shop is perfect for anyone who wants to do there own shop fit out. Using a New Container for the structure we install a large awning in the sidewall and an internal dropdown bench so you have somewhere to serve your customers from. You can then add additional accessories as you please!

The sPORTs Box
Basic Kiosk

Built for Sports Clubs in mind! This entry level kiosk has everything you need to start selling food and merchandise whilst promoting your club.

We can build a Shipping Container Shop that is Just Right For You!

Want something tailored, let the experts help! At Port Shipping Containers, we’ve been selling and converting shipping containers for over 10 years. So if you’re thinking of converting a shipping container into a fantastic cafe, bar or kiosk, then give us a call on 1300 957 709. Whether you’re buying a container to convert into shipping container shops yourself, or want us to do it for you, we can help turn your dream of running a business into a cool containerised reality!

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