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There’s an old saying that goes, ‘You can’t beat on-the-job-training’. But that kind of experiential learning is not practical in industries where potential danger is involved. Airlines pilots for example don’t get to fly a 747 until they’ve clocked hundreds of hours in a flight-simulator. Similarly, it behooves mining and emergency services to undergo simulated training to better carry out their jobs, where those jobs are likely to be performed in confined spaces. And that’s where confined space training comes in. A confined space training container does just the job for simulating well designed courses for those that work in confined spaces and deal with hazards associated with them.

Workers and supervisors of workers who work in confined spaces are all required to have the skills and knowledge to deal with hazards associated with working in confined spaces. Under Australian Standard AS2865-2009, confined space training is an ongoing requirement and is recommended every 12-24 months. With a confined space training container you will be well on your way to being able to carry out the necessary requirement in achieving the yearly standards.

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Confined Space Simulation Training

Our confined space training container simulates a well designed course, for employees in the mining and emergency sectors. A Port Shipping Containers specialised shipping container can be customised to fit the exact needs of your training situations including wall partitions, entry points, roof-mounted entry hatches for abseil and evacuation exercises, and side crawl hatches. A smoke machine nipple for fire safety exercises is also available. The interior of the container is painted grey or jet black to simulate a mine shaft or confined space with limited visibility, and the safety railing is painted yellow. The exterior can be painted in your choice of colour.

Our standard confined space shipping containers are available in 20 foot and 40 foot options depending on what you need.

10ft Fire Training Unit Stacked

20ft Confined Space Training Unit

The Australian Standard Definition of a Confined Space

According to the Australian Standard AS2865 – 2009, a confined space is defined as an enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not intended or designed primarily for human occupancy, within which there is a risk of one or more of the following:

  1. an oxygen concentration outside the safe oxygen range.
  2. a concentration of air borne contaminant that may cause impairment, loss of consciousness or asphyxiation.
  3. a concentration of flammable airborne contaminant that may cause injury from fire or explosion.
  4. engulfment in a stored free-flowing solid or a rising level of liquid that may cause suffocation or drowning.

Examples of confined spaces include storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, silos, pits, pipes, sewers, shafts, ducts, wells, pump stations, shipboard spaces, small hatchways, access points, oil tanks and void spaces – just to name a few.

40ft Confined Space Training Unit

Large Fire Training Unit

Confined Space Training Container and Certification

A confined space training container helps develop skills and achieve understanding from employees of the role confined space training plays for them working in their environment. There are many roles that require confined space training, including emergency services personnel like fire, ambulance and police officers, mine workers, electrical engineers, safety inspectors, maintenance personnel, telecommunications installers, lift operators and installers, transport industry workers, electricians, plumbing and water contractors. Confined space supervisors also require training. If you run a big operation, the cost benefits of having your own container to use for training purposes can really add up.

Emergency situations can be disorienting and lack of training can result in injury or death. Clear training and practice procedures are vital to ensure your workers have experience and skills to deal with a dangerous situation before the situation arises…not during it!

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