Ready Build Container Offices – Instant Office Facilities

Our Ready Built Site Office is the perfect addition to any site that needs a base for operations!

Built from a 20ft High Cube Container, this unit is fully insulated with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round.

It also features two glass sliding windows with security shutters that can be closed and locked when not in use. The personnel door also allows easy access to the office which can accommodate three to four people comfortably including desks and office equipment.

Ready Built Container Office Features

  • Built from 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers
  • Internal Batten Lighting
  • Insulation – 50mm EPS Panel
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Personal Access Door
  • External light above door
  • 2 x Glass Sliding Windows with Security Shutters
  • Split System Air Conditioner
  • Main Power Connection and Electrical Panel to Australian Standard
  • Colour – Squirrel Gray


  • Portable
  • Purposed built with full CSC
  • Easy electrical connection
  • In Stock, available now Australia wide

Suitable for

  • Mining and Construction Sites
  • Schools and Universities
  • Events and Festivals
  • Temporary or Permanent Office Facilities

Order a Ready Built Container Office For Your Home Or Business

Whether you work from home and need a practical office space to work from outside of the house, or you work for a big company that needs to expand their office facilities, our Ready Built Container Offices are a cost effective solution to cater to your needs. These unit are pre-built and ready for delivery so you can get back to work in a comfortable, secure workspace.

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