Port Shipping Containers is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of shipping containers, delivering them throughout Australia, both to individuals and to the mining, construction, agricultural and corporate sectors. We offer new, used, modified and customised shipping containers for sale in a variety of sizes and types, with fast and efficient service direct to your worksite, business or home. And with multiple depots all over Australia, we can usually have your order to you within a few days.

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The need to buy shipping containers for sale is ubiquitous. And as such it’ll come as no surprise to find out that at any given moment there are over 17 million shipping containers transporting goods and cargo all over the world, every single day. Originally designed to transport goods by sea, the strong, versatile and portable features of shipping containers have seen them pressed into service in all sorts of ways that couldn’t have been imagined when they were first designed as a simple, but effective way to store and transport cargo by sea.

Shipping Containers for Sale to Transport Cargo

The transportation of goods by sea is the original use for shipping containers, and is naturally still going strong today. At Port we offer a range of shipping containers for sale that will ensure your precious goods and cargo arrive in their original condition.

Our standard range of shipping containers for sale include general shipping containers for general goods, high cube containers with extra height and space, and side loading containers for easier loading and unloading. All of our shipping containers are of the highest quality and are designed to store and transport your cargo securely and efficiently.

Specialised containers include open top containers for goods that need to be top-loaded by crane, flat rack containers for large or awkward goods like machinery or wood, refrigerated containers for transporting perishables, and insulated containers for when a steady temperature is required. Our customer service team are incredibly knowledgeable about all the types of shipping containers we offer, and will be able to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Containers for Sale for Residential Use

Residential uses of our shipping containers for sale are many and varied, and include storage sheds, garden sheds, workshops, art studios, guest accommodation, home offices and more. And whilst there are a few things you have to consider prior to purchasing (making sure the site is accessible, that the site is flat, arranging footings if you want the container off the ground, etc) our containers are a really easy and cost effective way of extending your living or storage spaces.

Council Regulations for Shipping Containers

Councils around Australia all have different rules regarding shipping containers on residential properties, so a quick check of your local council’s regulations is definitely recommended prior to purchasing.

Residential Container Delivery

Delivery is easy, and our transportation drivers are very experienced in delivering, offloading and setting up your container per your individual requirements. Access can be a challenge in some areas of course, so you will have to make sure that we have easy access to your property. Though we do have a range of delivery methods (tilt tray, side loader, Hiab crane, etc) that provide a lot of versatile delivery options. And as in all things, where there’s a will, there’s usually a way!

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Customised shipping containers for sale are popular within the construction, mining and energy industry include site rooms, switch rooms, lunch rooms, first aid rooms, temporary accommodation, ablution blocks, training containers, dangerous goods containers and explosive magazines. Completely portable and easily customised, our container buildings make a site manager’s job simplicity itself. With Port, you can set up a complete worksite solution almost instantly; and then transport it to a new site easily and efficiently when required.

The ability to customise standard containers to specific requirements with a whole range of accessories (equipment, doors, windows, insulation, paint, kitchens, bathrooms, tables, chairs etc.) is another huge benefit. And while other companies prefer the ‘one container fits all’ solution, Port prefer to manufacture and sell shipping containers that match your specific requirements, rather than trying to simply sell you container that we happen to have in stock.

Buy Modified Containers for Special Projects

To buy a shipping container of a standard size and shape is a no-brainer when all you’re looking to do is store or transport goods. But what if your needs are more complicated? What do you when you need a modified container to more precisely match your  business or personal requirements?

Lucky for you Port are Australia’s specialists in all types, styles and sizes of containers, and have shipping container modification down to a fine art. In fact we love nothing more than a special container modification project where the customer comes to us with an exciting idea, and utilises our experience to turn it into an eye-catching commercial reality. A quick look at our special projects page will give you a great idea of the amazing things we can do with a humble shipping container to give your business the wow factor to really stand out from the crowd. Be it a portable stage, coffee shop, trade show exhibition stand, workshop or beautiful rustic bush retreat. With Port at the helm, you are literally only limited by your imagination.

Container Sales for Storage and Shelter

Need additional storage for equipment or stock? Another big, permanent, expensive shed might be an option. But on the other hand, a portable shipping container or two might be a quick and easy solution, especially if you envisage the need to move the storage elsewhere on your land at a late date. Port offer a great range of containers that combine storage and shelter in one neat, cost effective package.

Container Classrooms for Schools and Community Centres

Maybe you work in the education sector and find yourself suffering under a sudden influx of students? Or else perhaps your school is renovating and you need temporary classrooms while the main building is under construction? Extra classrooms, art studios, science labs, kitchens and workshops are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Port containers. Fully insulated and air-conditioned, all our shipping containers we have for sale are an excellent temporary or permanent way to create a flexible educational space.

Container Accommodation for Caravan Parks and Holiday Parks

Portable containers have long been staples of caravan parks around Australia. And if you need more secure and versatile temporary or permanent accommodation at your caravan park or campsite, you’d do well to give shipping container accommodation some serious thought. Apart from its versatility and portability (and excellent security), container accommodation is a popular and trending item with the hipster crowd. With people always on the lookout for different and unusual accommodation, a modified shipping container might just be the thing that gives your holiday home away from home the edge over the ho-hum caravan you probably grew up with.

Emergency Housing and Emergency Hospitals

Earthquake proof, storm-proof, easily transported and easily removed, shipping containers have become a popular form of emergency housing in places where natural disasters have occurred and safe, secure housing is urgently required. At Port we have a great range of emergency accommodation shipping containers for sale, and even offer remote ablution blocks which don’t require power or water.

What Does it Cost to Buy a Shipping Container?

This is tricky question to answer until we know exactly what you need. A small used shipping container for example can be bought for just a few thousand dollars. But if you’re a mining company looking to purchase a container shelter big enough to park your fleet of gigantic Caterpillar 797 mining trucks under, then the price is going to be somewhat higher!

Needless to say the best thing to do is to call us on 1300 957 709 and talk us through exactly what your needs are, and our experienced customer service team will suggest the shipping container that is right for you. Alternatively, by all means fill in our online quote form, and we’ll get back to you with some options of shipping containers for sale that match your requirements and your budget within 24 hours.