Port Shipping Containers specialise in backloading removals. If you looking to move on a tight budget and have a large load that needs transporting, consider our backload removals option.

What are Backloading Removals?

Our backloading removalists will drop a container to your location and leave it there for you to load at your leisure. Once you have packed your backload removals container we will transport it to your destination and left for you to unpack at your own pace.

What Size is the Backload Removals Container?

Our standard backloading removals containers are actually 6 metre shipping containers that can hold approximately 37 cubic metres of furniture. You should easily fill the contents of a 2 – 3 bedroom house into one of our backload removals containers and will save you time and money compared to your tradition self moving services. 12 metre backloading removals containers are also available.

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