A Caravan Shop, Expertly Tailored to Your Needs

Considering opening your own shop but you don’t want to be tied into long-term contracts? A caravan shop is an excellent way to realise your dreams and own your own shop without a lot of red tape. A caravan shop is very popular choice for a side business, or even a starter business as you grow your brand and client base.

Understanding Caravan Shops

Simply put, caravan shops are portable shops made out of shipping containers. They come in stationary models as well, and you can customise them to suit your tastes and brand. The sheer number of people who want to be their own boss and sell their own items has led caravan shops to become the new normal throughout Australia, and there are numerous reasons why.

You can turn a shipping container into a shop that is uniquely designed to sell your products or services. For example, maybe you sell handmade jewellery or knickknacks? A small caravan shop is perfect for storing, displaying or selling these items. Maybe you need more space because you sell a broad range of items? A larger caravan shop allows you to stay portable while having enough space to display your wares.

The units are very durable and resistant to wear and tear, and this helps the shop pay for itself over time. You may spend a little more to get the perfect shop up front, but the cost will even out once you start selling your items and moving your business to where the traffic is. The shop in a container movement has really taken quite the leap in recent years as being able to easily move your shop to festivals, tourist locations, or special events, to get more exposure, and this increases your chances of selling your items being significantly beneficial to business owners.

Let Port Shipping Containers Design Your Caravan Shop

We love helping people realise their dreams of owning their own business, and this is why we offer to either design a custom caravan shop to suit their needs, or give them the chance to pick one from our line of pre-fabricated models.

We can add a host of accessories that make the shop more convenient to use, like multiple windows, shelving, ventilation, remote control awnings and more. Our goal is to allow you to come into your shop, flip a few switches or push a few buttons, and be ready to sell quickly.

If you’d like to have your own caravan shop and you’d like our talented staff to work with you to help you design the perfect one, get in touch! We’re happy to give you a no-obligation quote, completely free.