Welcome to the definitive shipping container homes Australia 2022 guide. Port Shipping Containers designs shipping container homes that are cost effective, ecologically friendly, and comfy. From a DIY tiny home to an architecturally designed holiday home, we are here to help you discover your dream shipping container house. Contact our team for expert advice, guidance, and affordable prices.

The best shipping container homes Australia 2022 guide

The real estate market is seeing ever increasing house prices. It is getting more and more expensive to purchase a home and – consequently – increasingly difficult to enter the property market. More and more people are looking for cost effective alternative forms of housing.

But there’s another important consideration…

People are using up the world’s resources. Precious, finite resources are dwindling. As such, there is an increasing demand for ecologically friendly homes.

Upcycling shipping containers to build homes provides home-owners with an affordable, environmentally friendly, and versatile solution.

As our shipping container homes Australia 2022 guide will show, there are three main advantages to building or purchasing a shipping container home:

  1. Even though a shipping container might have finished its life at sea, it remains a durable, robust, and watertight structure. Our team can easily repurpose and refurbish it to form your new home, or a part thereof. Although it is possible to recycle the steel used to make shipping containers, this process consumes a great deal of energy. Reusing and upcycling used shipping containers is by far the most ecologically friendly solution. But that’s not the only advantage of shipping container homes.
  2. At any one time, there are approximately 17 million containers shipping goods around the world. And new shipping containers are built on a daily basis. This constant demand means that there is a constant supply of used shipping containers. And a constant supply means that you can obtain one quickly and cheaply. Of course, you might want to use more than one container to build your new home.
  3. There is no end to the versatility of shipping container home designs. Shipping containers are built to optimise the efficiency of inter-modal shipping. They are transportable, modular, and stackable. You can think of shipping containers as steel building blocks that can be made into homes of all shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum, a single shipping container tiny home can fit on a trailer or flatbed truck and be easily transported from site to site. On the other end of the spectrum are multi-level multi-room mansions that rival their brick and mortar counterparts.

DIY, pre-designed, or bespoke shipping container homes?

In order to provide a comprehensive shipping container homes Australia 2022 guide, let’s look at all three options.

Building your own shipping container home can be a challenging but fun project. We sell quality used shipping containers at affordable rates. In addition, we also sell joining kits and a wide range of accessories that are specially designed for shipping container conversions. You’ll just need the tools, time, patience, and determination!

If you are not looking for a DIY project on this scale, our team has designed four simple shipping container homes that you can purchase from us. All of these options are transportable shipping container homes that cover all the basics. And the best part is the incredibly affordable pricetag!

For more discerning clients who have a dream home in mind, our team can design and build the shipping container home of your dreams! In addition to the layout and utilities, we will take all your other specifications and requirements into account. You can expect a bespoke home that is customised to meet your exact needs and wishes.

If this shipping container homes Australia 2022 guide has piqued your interest, please contact our team for further information or obligation-free quotes.