Display Containers – Viridian

An ensemble of modified containers joined to showcase the customers products. Built for Australia’s only glass manufacture, Viridian, we constructed four heavily modified containers that interlinked to create a collaborative display piece.

“The containers are an interactive walk through that provides window fabricators, builders, industry associations such as the Building & Design Association (BDA) and consumers the ability to see and feel how light plays a part of the overall design criteria on a house or room” said Marketing Coordinator Kim Bonilla “and it delivers consumers with the life, comfort and security only better windows can offer”.

The detail to the trim work on the freshly painted gyprock walls make the interior of the containers look like you’re inside a modern house. The doors and windows look out onto a light filled central garden, perfect for showcasing the client’s product with a calm and relaxing composition. So why did the client choose to use containers for their display piece? The advantage of using shipping containers was the fact that they are transportable and can be relocated with relative ease.

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