An insulated Drone Workshop for service and repairs!

Port Containers have always built custom workshops for its customers for a number of different applications. This one particularly is something special, a 20ft workshop made to service drone equipment – those remote controlled flying aircrafts that are found in toys shops to expensive commercial drones used to take photos high in the sky.

Drone Workshop Features

This Drone Workshop was built out of a 20ft Side Opening High Cube which was lined with insulated panelling. It featured a heavy duty workbench with stainless steel top, pegboard and overhead & under bench storage for parts and accessories. It also had a 350L Flame Locker for hazardous goods like petrol and other flammables.

It was finished off with a two part epoxy non slip floor paint for easy cleaning and electrical fitout with LED surface mount Oyster lights.

Custom Shipping Container Workshops for Construction & Mining Sites

If you like the look of the above Container Workshop but would like something tailored to your needs then give us a call. We can add more windows, doors, benches, appliances, insulation, air conditioning, security systems and more. We can build Container Workshops out of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, at competitive prices. As we design and modify our containers at our own factories and not over seas like our competitors, we can get you your customised shipping container workshop in fast turn-around times. We deliver Australia wide using a range of transport options available to suit your location. For more information please call our friendly sales team on 1300 957 709 or visit our workshop page here.

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