If you are looking for second-hand containers to buy, we have what you need at affordable prices. At Port Shipping Containers, we sell a wide range of used yet durable shipping containers. Contact our friendly team to discuss exactly what type of container will best suit your needs.

At Port Shipping Containers we have both standard and specialised second-hand containers to buy.

Our standard shipping containers are the most versatile, and therefore the most popular, options. We supply three types of standard shipping containers, namely: general, high cube, and side loading containers. In particular, second-hand general shipping containers are incredibly popular.
In addition to these standard options, we also sell used specialised shipping containers. Here there are four options: open top, flat rack, insulated, as well as refrigerated containers.

No matter what type of used shipping container your purchase, our team will ensure that it is still in excellent condition and suitable for its intended purposes.

Furthermore, you can be assured of affordable pricing when you come to Port Shipping Containers. Approaching us directly will ensure you get a great price.

No matter the quantity or type, you will receive quality containers within your budget.

Moreover, this applies to modified containers too. We also sell containers that are modified and customised to your specific requirements. From simple modifications such as windows and shelving, to complex projects like container homes and restaurants, we do it all.
For great service and expert advice, contact our team to discuss your plans regarding second-hand shipping containers.