Are you looking for the safest high quality dynamite storage facilities in Australia? Look no further. Port Shipping Containers offer the best quality, affordable dynamite storage containers in Australia. With 270 degree opening doors, lockable doors and tons of extra added features, you can be sure our containers are a cut above the rest.

Our dynamite storage facilities are built to the highest Australian safety standards and can store all your flammable and volatile materials such as dynamite, TNT, Fuel, Oil and other dangerous goods. They are available at competitive prices and come with a wide range of optional accessories including, desks, shelving, spark free mesh, bunded flooring incase of spillage and lock-box’s for extra peace of mind.

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Dynamite Storage Containers For Sale

If you would like a quote on our dynamite storage options you can call one of our friendly sales team on 1300 957 709 and they will answer any questions that you may have.

Dynamite Storage Container Specification

Our dynamite storage containers includes:

  • Internal safety handle / Lockable valve tap
  • Fully Insulated / Safe and Secure
  • explosive storage constructed to AS2187.1-1998
  • Quality Assurance Accreditation: ISO 9001
  • Australian Made
  • Portable / Mobile
  • Double opening doors
  • Perfect for explosive, detonator and ammunition storage
  • Can be customised to your specifications
  • Weather proof vents
  • Optional safety signage
  • Storage of 250 Kg up to 20,000 Kg of explosives, detonators, MILSPEC, fireworks and other hazardous materials.

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