Looking for a new 20-foot shipping container? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of containers available in excellent condition at extremely competitive pricing!

No matter what you want to use your new 20-foot shipping container for, you’ll find the right unit at Port Shipping Containers. We buy all of your shipping containers in bulk, and this allows us to reduce our prices even more. In turn, our customers get the lowest prices possible each time they buy from us.

We have a low price guarantee that enables our customers to shop with confidence. When you combine this with our extensive stock, it’s easy to see why we’re Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality containers. Both individuals and businesses make up our loyal customer base, and we have thousands of satisfied customers spanning Australia.

Get Fast and Efficient Delivery

Our experienced delivery team excels at coordinating shipping container transport and delivery throughout Australia. We understand that time is money, and this is why we have delivery depots at multiple ports. We can have your shipping container on the way sooner rather than later, and we usually deliver within 24 hours depending on your location.

We’ll get in touch with you once you order to ask you a few questions about where you’d like your new 20-foot shipping container delivered to, and about anything that could make the delivery difficult. Based on your answers, we’ll tailor a delivery plan to bring your shipping container straight to your door or another location with no fuss or mess.

Currently, we offer tilt tray delivery, side loading delivery, semi-trailer delivery and hiab delivery. You do need a level location to place your new 20-foot shipping container to prevent the sides or frame from buckling. You may also consider putting down a layer of gravel to encourage good drainage — a key requirement if you plan to use your new shipping container for storage. It’ll help it last longer, and we can help you find the best spot.

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If you need a new 20-foot shipping container, there’s no better place than Port Shipping Containers. Our competitive pricing, huge selection of both new and used containers, dependable delivery and excellent customer service ensures that you’ll have a good experience from start to finish. Contact us today for your fast and completely free, no-obligation quote!