Because of their extra space and minimal prior usage, new 45 foot high cube shipping containers are a popular choice for building a container home. With Port Shipping Containers you get all the durability and flexibility of using a standard modified container, plus a substantial increase in space, allowing for roomy interiors and more area for modifications.

How Tall Are New 45 Foot High Cube Shipping Containers?

With a 45 foot high cube container home, you get an extra foot of space, vertically. This is ideal if you want to include features like a ceiling fan or built-in shelving or cupboards in a container build. When you add up this space in a 40-foot container, in total you get an extra 344 cubic feet.

The higher ceiling also creates a more luxurious feel for container homes, a studio space, office, or any other building you plan on creating with a shipping container.

Have big plans for your container project? These high-quality new 45 foot high cube shipping containers from Port Shipping Containers are stackable. You can combine more than one container, building up – or out – to make just about any design come to life for both residential and commercial applications.

How ‘New’ Are New Containers?

New 45 foot high cube shipping containers aren’t technically brand new. The only direct-from-the-manufacturer containers are sold in bulk straight to the shipping lines (and cost an arm and a leg!). So all retail containers come second hand from the shipping industry, making them a great eco-friendly building choice.

The term ‘new’ in shipping container lingo refers to a single use. These containers are generally manufactured and used for one specific end use. They aren’t going to have any dents or rust, will still be completely water tight, and are considered to be in excellent condition.

This single-use status also makes them attractive for building projects. You can always paint over small marks or minimal rust, which you may find on a used container in good condition, but it’s a lot easier to get a flawless aesthetic with a new container. When you want to design a modern holiday home or trendy café for your business, what better building material to start with than a freshly made, earth-friendly high cube?

At Port Shipping Containers, we have new 45 foot high cube shipping containers for sale. Choose a 20-foot or 40-foot size. Expect the works – a sturdy, weatherproof container, timber flooring, and the ability to customise your container to suit your needs. Our modification centre is one of the largest in Australia and we are set up to make any modifications you want.

Give us a call or fill out a form for a free quote and experience the appeal of new 45 foot high cube shipping containers firsthand.