New Refrigerated Container

A new refrigerated container is an effective way to transport or store items or goods that require a temperature-controlled environment. A “reefer” is a must-have if you transport or store grocery items like seafood and vegetables or flowers.

You want your items to arrive in the best condition possible, and a new refrigerated container is one way to ensure that they do. This is especially true if you’re trying to transport things over longer distances. At Port Shipping Containers, we have two different containers from which to pick.

Get Your New Refrigerated Container From Port Shipping Containers

You can get a non-operational refrigerated (NOR) container or a mechanically refrigerated shipping container from us. The mechanically refrigerated shipping containers need a power source to maintain their temperatures, and this can either be a generator or a plug on the transport vehicle. A non-operational refrigerated container has the motor removed, and it acts like an insulated container that maintains an ambient temperature.

You can also use a new refrigerated container for cool rooms at festivals, mining or construction sites and more. Anywhere you need to keep something cool, a new refrigerated shipping container is up to the task. Our refrigerated shipping containers can maintain temperatures between +25° C and -25° C.

We offer 20-foot and 40-foot refrigerated shipping containers, and if you don’t want to purchase your container outright, you can hire it for just a few dollars a day. This can be a good solution if you just need it for a few days, and you have no need for long-term use.

We Offer a Quality Guarantee

You get a quality guarantee when you order both used and new refrigerated shipping containers from our company. If you’re not sure what you need, our staff can help you select the correct size for your needs from the large stock we have available. In addition, we’re so confident that our prices are the lowest around that we offer a guarantee.

When you choose Port Shipping Containers, you’ll get a quality container with fast and efficient delivery; we can even have your new refrigerated container to your location in as little as 24 hours in some cases. We’ll coordinate delivery to your location and decide which delivery method is best for your area and access points.

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