We have top quality second hand shipping containers for sale throughout Australia. When you ask, “price please?” you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We sell quality used shipping containers form as little as a few thousand dollars! Contact our team – dealing directly with us means you’ll be assured of a quality container at the best possible price. We’ll even deliver it to site for you!

We have a wide range of second hand shipping containers for sale at low prices.

We sell new, used, modified and customised shipping containers. Prices for used shipping containers vary according to type and size, but our prices for second hand shipping containers for sale start at just a few thousand dollars. It’s an incredibly cost-effective solution for a wide variety of problems.

And if you would like it modified or customised in any way, our team is incredibly experienced in this too!

In terms of sizes, shipping containers come in three different lengths: 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Whether you want a 20ft container for additional storage, or want to combine 20ft and 40ft containers into a more ambitious project, we are the experienced team to contact.

In addition to the different sizes, there are many different types of second hand shipping containers for sale.

Second Hand Shipping Containers For Sale

There are three types of standard shipping containers:

  • general purpose shipping containers
  • high cube shipping containers
  • side opening shipping containers

Our specialised shipping containers include the following:

  • gantry shipping containers
  • bulker shipping containers
  • open top half height shipping containers
  • open top shipping containers
  • bolster shipping containers
  • flat rack shipping containers
  • refrigerated shipping containers
  • insulated shipping containers
  • dangerous goods shipping containers
  • shipping container shelters

We also have a range of ready-modified shipping containers:

  • shipping container kitchens
  • shipping container gas storage
  • shipping container trade show displays
  • shipping container bars
  • shipping container homes
  • shipping container shops
  • shipping container cafes
  • shipping container site offices
  • shipping container workshops
  • shipping container lunchrooms
  • shipping container ablution blocks
  • shipping container first aid rooms
  • shipping container change rooms
  • shipping container switch rooms
  • shipping container training rooms
  • shipping container portable buildings

Not sure which shipping container is best?

Our experienced team is here to provide you with all the advice and guidance you need. Contact us to discuss exactly what your needs are, and we will help you source the best used shipping container for your needs.

Dealing directly with us ensures you will receive a quality second hand container.

Our team ensures that we only sell structurally sound shipping containers. Even though a shipping container may not be deemed cargo worthy for ocean freight, it’s life is far from over. We manufacture and sell solid corten steel shipping containers that are built with long term usage in mind.

When a shipping line no longer needs a shipping container, it can be used in many ways by industries or individuals. Our second hand shipping containers for sale are robust. They are not only wind and water tight, but vermin proof too.

Any surface rust you see is typical of a used shipping container: it’s a deliberate property of corten steel (also known as weathering steel). The steel forms a layer of rust, which then protects the container from developing further rust which could cause deterioration.

If you are looking for second hand shipping containers for sale, contact us to make sure you receive a robust container that is suited to your needs.

Because we have depots throughout Australia, all orders are usually delivered within a matter of days.

We will take care of delivery, and ensure your shipping container is delivered directly to your site, offloaded safely, and positioned where you need it. Whether you need a 10ft 20ft or 40ft shipping container, we have the cranes and trucks to transport it safely to you.

Contact us for robust second hand shipping containers for sale at affordable prices!