What can shipping containers be used for? What shipping container conversions are out there? The list is endless. In fact, a better question to ask would be what can’t shipping containers be used for – it would be a much shorter list!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and shipping container conversions are a perfect example of how a product designed for one purpose can quickly become re-purposed to something else.

Shipping containers were originally designed as a breakthrough solution to the problem of transferring small loads from truck to ship and onto a truck again. They had to be strong, to protect the goods and to survive rough weather conditions, they had to be secure, they had to be stackable, and they had to be easily transportable.

It wasn’t long before it was realised that the same features that made containers so beneficial for shipping goods made them suitable for other purposes as well, especially for industries like mining and construction where temporary structures that could be quickly installed and just as quickly removed were required.

  • Mediacontainer
  • Lunchroom
  • Gasstorage
  • Containerretreat
  • Worksitesolution
  • Accommunit

From Simple Modifications…

Simple modifications like insulation, ventilation and a window or two in an old shipping container quickly escalated to new custom-built shipping containers complete with windows, doors, plumbing, electricity, floor coverings and air-conditioning, beds, kitchens and bathrooms.

…to Total Worksite Solutions

For industry, shipping container conversions have been an incredible boon, and here at Port Shipping Containers, purpose-built shipping container conversions are our specialty. Site offices, site sheds, switch rooms, first aid rooms, lunchrooms, portable accommodation and portable ablution blocks are just some of the purpose-built shipping containers that we have, ready to go. We also specialise in confined space training containers, dangerous goods and explosive magazines – all fully portable and transportable. Your complete worksite solution can be found right here.

Delivered Quickly and Easily

With depots all around Australia, we can have your shipping container conversion delivered to you quickly and efficiently. Got a new crew coming next week and nowhere for them to sleep? Try our Station accommodation – it will sleep 8 comfortably. Setting up a site in a remote area? A remote ablution block could save you a lot of grief. Need a fully stocked first aid room or heavy duty switch room? We’ve got them too, all at extremely competitive prices. And if we haven’t got exactly what you want, you can customise with our list of accessories, or we can create something entirely new.

Take a look at our converted container products here

  • Portable Accommodation Units
  • Site Offices / Site Sheds / Portable Buildings
  • Lunchrooms / Cribrooms
  • Portable toilets, showers and ablution blocks
  • Portable Workshops
  • Portable Switch Rooms
  • First Aid Rooms
  • Confined Space Training Container
  • Explosive Magazines
  • Dangerous Goods Containers
  • Container Shelters

Custom Shipping Container Conversions & Special Projects

The portability and versatility of shipping containers leaves them open to all sorts of possibilities, as a quick look at our Special Projects page will show. We’ve helped to create some really impressive shipping container conversions, including a Tough Mudder Media Container, a portable stage, a bush retreat, a mobile workshop, and even containers that had to protect sensitive electronic equipment and survive sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica! Port Shipping Containers can help turn your innovative and out of the box shipping container idea into a practical reality. Just ask us and see.

A Shipping Container Granny Flat, Studio, Office or Shed In Your Backyard? Why Not?

Industry and commercial ventures have embraced shipping container conversions in a big way, but ordinary people love the idea of repurposing a shipping container into a something exciting and new as well. If you have space in your back yard and were considering building a shed or studio, give us a call. A shipping container can make a great guest room, parents’ retreat, teenage retreat, office, she-shed or man cave. It’s much easier and cheaper than building a similar structure from scratch.

Or Create a Whole Shipping Container Home

Tiny houses made out shipping containers and multi-roomed (and yes multi-levelled) shipping container homes are gaining in popularity as well. In fact, whole shipping container hotels and shopping malls have been created out of these versatile and adaptable metal boxes

Get Your Shipping Container Conversion From The Experts

Here at Port Shipping Containers, we’ve been converting shipping containers into versatile and clever purposes for over 10 years. We have the largest modification facility in Australia and depots all around Australia, and our fabricators and engineers are some of the best in the business. So whether you need an already customised shipping container delivered tomorrow, or you have a grand plan for a shipping container that needs a little work, we can help you. To get a quote on one of our shipping container conversions, just give us a call on 1300 957 709 or fill in the quote form. Easy!

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