Durable and hard-wearing, yet flexible and affordable, repurposed shipping containers are a perfect fit for creating customised gym and workout spaces. Because they can be modified with any feature you could want your gym to have, everyone from homeowners who want the bespoke personal home gym of their dreams to businesses who need a specific type of workout space for employees or for their customers, are finding their solution in the humble shipping container gyms.

Great Uses for Shipping Container Gyms

There are as many ways to create a stunning container gym as there are colours in the rainbow; and you are really only limited by your imagination. Here are a few different ways that people use shipping container gyms:

Container Wellness Studios

For Australia’s small business owners in the health and wellness industry, shipping container gyms are ideal. This is because they can be customised to fit your brand, to offer the type of equipment and gear you like to use – and, they are mobile.

Personal trainers, yoga instructors, and martial arts schools can all use shipping container gyms for their studio space. When you need to move your location – for example, to attend an industry event or to provide your services to a particular group – you can take your shipping container gym/studio with you wherever you need to go.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have one of the largest modification centres in the country so we can make any features you want for your container gym happen.

  • Floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Overhead lighting
  • Built-in storage for yoga mats, weights, or other gear and accessories
  • Changing rooms
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Grappling mats or other special flooring for tumbling and martial arts

Browse some of our special projects to get an idea for the different features you can include in your container gym.

Container Obstacle Courses

Fitness enthusiasts all over the globe flock to the best obstacle course races and physical challenges to test their skill and endurance. Shipping containers are often a staple of these courses, providing a structure for participants to climb over or to stack together to create complex course segments with climbing ropes, tyres, and more.

Rebok’s Spartan Australia, Tough Mudder and other such fitness organisations hold obstacle races every year in cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  And five’ll get you ten that you’ll find shipping containers somewhere along the course, either flanking a cargo net or supporting climbing ropes, or some other feature to make the race that much more exciting. And sometimes, you might even see one used as the official Media Centre:

Modified Shipping Container 1 Min

Container Workout Spaces

A lot of Australian companies offer extra perks to attract and keep top talent, with many creating bespoke shipping container gyms for their employees. Because shipping containers are so affordable and they can be easily customised, they work well as office gyms. You can include the workout equipment your employees prefer and design the space to create an attractive modern gym, all without a huge budget.

Because they are secure, they can also be used outside, which is a great option for the construction and mining industries. With a shipping container gym, you can create a place for onsite employees to fit in their workout, making their job more appealing.

Ready to create your shipping container gym? Contact the team at Port Shipping Containers today to learn more.