Our Shipping Container Homes Guide 2022 delivers everything you need to know about building a container home in Australia. We love the challenge of transforming steel containers into beautiful and livable spaces for individuals and families. As our Shipping Container Homes Guide 2022 illustrates, design and engineering come together to create tailored accommodation that suits your taste and budget. Contact us to find out how you can own your dream home.

Shipping Container Homes Guide 2022

There are many benefits to investing in a shipping container house. Because they are strong, durable, and modular in design, shipping containers make the ideal building blocks for all kinds of homes. It is a cost-effective form of accommodation, especially for people who are struggling to enter an expensive property market or people who want to live mortgage-free. And of course, upcycling containers is an eco-friendly project, especially when combined with other features such as solar power and rain water filtration systems.

Modifying used shipping containers is a sustainable solution that allows you to enjoy an architecturally designed home.

Shipping Container Homes Guide 2022

The raw material of a container home is indeed a Corten steel container. But that doesn’t mean the end result will be a cold, harsh, and impersonal home. In fact, starting with such a basic shape lends itself to versatility in terms of design, style, colour, and finishes. You are only limited by your imagination! Our team will work to build a home that fits your lifestyle, design preferences, and budget.

The trend of tiny homes is here to stay!

Minimalism and sustainability are not new trends but, if anything, they are gaining momentum as more and more people rethink and redefine the modern lifestyle. The popularity of the tiny house is testament to this. It’s a way for people to pare back their lives, reduce their carbon footprint, free themselves from a mortgage, and enjoy inventive design solutions. And a portable tiny home opens up a world of possibilities.

Add an affordable en suite bedroom to your current family home.

If you have space on your property, then a shipping container can create additional space without the cost and hassle of a home renovation. Whether you would like a guest suite, a granny flat, or a bedroom for your teen, we can create the ideal additional accommodation you need. All you need to do is contact our team to discuss what you are looking for.

If you dream of owning a holiday home, then a container home could make that dream a reality.

Although most people would love to own a holiday home, that is not a financial reality for many families. However, a shipping container home might just be the answer you need. It’s an affordable solution that allows you to create the perfect getaway for your family. You can build the size and style holiday home you want, in the destination you want. It doesn’t get better than that. And you always have the option of renting it out to provide an additional source of income. You simply place another container on site to securely store your personal belongings while your home is being rented out.

Modular containers lend themselves to a wide range of home designs.

Shipping containers are designed for efficient intermodal transport. They are able to be easily and safely stacked on top of each other. If you think of shipping containers as building blocks, all kinds of striking and unusual designs are possible. Whether you envisage a more conventional design, or a contemporary sculptural home, we can create it for you.

We transform steel containers into comfy and affordable residential and commercial accommodation.

If you are looking for a container home that is both cost effective and high quality then you need to contact our team that designs shipping container homes. It is always best to deal directly with container experts. We only use top quality containers, and never use containers that were previously used to store or transport toxic chemicals or any other hazardous materials. Our expert team is also able to answer any questions you might have regarding planning permission, a building code, etc. We will make this process easy, convenient, quick, and affordable for you.