Heat rises, and since shipping containers are made out of metal, they can get very warm when they sit in the sunlight. Australian summers can be extremely hot and Port Shipping Containers wants your shipping containers to stay cool with shipping container whirly birds so you can use them all year round.

Shipping Container Whirly Birds Can Keep Your Shipping Container Cool

At Port Shipping Containers, we want to help our customers enjoy their shipping container projects all year round, even in the hot Australian summer weather. In order to do this, we can modify our shipping containers to include whirly bird roof vents. Shipping container whirly birds can be either manual or electric, and they work to suck the heat from the top of your shipping container and expel it out through the vent.

Whirly birds are very cost-effective, and this is why they’re popular with our customers. They’re an easy way to cool down their shipping containers, and we can add them before we send the shipping containers to our customers.

Save Money With Port Shipping Containers Whirly Birds

You don’t have to install a complicated ventilation system to keep your shipping container comfortable and cool. Shipping container whirly birds from Port Shipping Containers will work with you to find the best shipping container to suit your needs, and our shipping containers start at just $2,500 to buy or a few dollars a day to hire.

When you combine this low purchase and hire cost with our shipping container whirly birds, you have a recipe for great savings. The whirly birds will funnel the warmer air that gathers by the top of your shipping container outside. This allows cooler air to circulate through the shipping container and keep it cooler.

You won’t have to spend more money outfitting your shipping container with air conditioning or trying to put windows into your steel walls. A whirly bird will take care of it for you at no additional cost.

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