At Port Shipping Containers Cairns, our friendly team are here to make your life simpler. Supplying you with new and used shipping containers of various sizes in Cairns and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a business owner who needs more space or a resident in Cairns or surrounding regions seeking a storage solution, we’re here to meet your needs.

The range here at Port Shipping Containers Cairns includes sizes of 40,’ 20′ & 10′. To guarantee that each one is fit for purpose, we include:

  • A steel exterior that guards your goods against the weather
  • Timber flooring for secure platform
  • A full 270 degree opening for ease of access
  • Rotating doors for improved accessibility
  • A choice between new and used containers

We understand that customisation is important to our customers. As such, you can choose additional fittings, including:

  • Extra doors and openings
  • Shelves
  • Dividers
  • Air vents
  • Ramps
  • Whirlybirds
  • Paint inside and out

Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Cairns Shipping Container

While many business owners associate shipping containers with moving and storing goods, a lot are now using them for other purposes. For example:

Cafe Owners, Retailers, And Manufacturers Can Showcase Their Goods Elsewhere

Whether you’re heading to a trade show or demonstrating your products in a new town, being able to temporarily move your business elsewhere broadens your audience. As we can paint your container’s exterior, it’s possible to provide the professional facade that comes with having a pop-up shop.

Start-Ups Have A Cost-Effective Solution To Business Challenges

Whether you’re a new personal trainer or you’re freelancing and need somewhere to consult with clients, hiring and customising a Cairns shipping container is a cost-effective way to produce an aesthetically-pleasing business front.

Sound Barriers

Are you hosting a big event in an urbanised area? If so, we can stack our containers so they act as sound barriers. At the same time, we’ll provide entry ways for attendees to flock through.

Shipping Containers Cairns Are Here To Meet Household Needs Too

When you’re moving house, using a shipping container and self-packing is often more effective than hiring a removal company. Not only can you work to your own schedule, if something goes wrong, your container acts as a storage solution until your move is back on.

Other ways you can use our containers include:

  • Building a home office
  • Small living spaces
  • Garden storage solutions
  • Playhouses
  • Personal gyms

Whatever your needs, we want to work with you to meet them. To learn more about our Cairns shipping containers, call a member of our team for advice on 1300 957 709.