Shipping containers are ideal for transporting or storing goods, and most people know of there existence and purpose, but what about shipping container conversions? Shipping container companies have had shipping containers for sale and hire for many years, but have just started experimenting in new shipping container products due to demand. This article will explain some of the modified shipping containers that are being manufactured to meet this demand.

What are Shipping Container Conversions?

Shipping container conversions are new or used shipping containers that have been retro-fitted with additional shipping container accessories to improve functionality to the shipping container. These shipping container accessories include personnel doors, windows, air vents, whirleybirds, fixed desks, shelving, power and data cabling, air conditioners, kitchenettes, insulation and many other storage container container accessories that are available upon request.

What Modified Shipping Container Products are Available?

The most common modified shipping containers that you can find are site offices (also called site sheds), portable workshops, dangerous goods storage containers and accommodation units. These shipping container conversions are can be designed to the buyers specifications, so most of these shipping container modifications are unique in terms of layout though are installed with the same shipping container accessories. Below you can find more details about each individual modified shipping container product.

Site Offices

One of the most common shipping container conversions on the market is the site office (or site shed). Site offices are normally found on construction sites and used for a base for communications. Builders use them to organise there developments, meet with workers, use as a lunch room, and to store important documents on the work site. Site offices are normally powered with data cabling for communications outside the work site, and are usually fitted ith fixed desks and shelves, PA doors, windows and maybe an air conditioner. Whatís great about site offices is that they are portable. Once construction has finished on a work site the site office can be loaded onto a truck and transported to the next construction site.

Accommodation Units

The main advantage of a accommodation unit container is that it can be delivered and inhabited immediately. Accommodation units can be setup practically anywhere as long as there is access for delivery. THe most practical uses for an accommodation unit is for temporary accommodation for mine workers, holiday homes in remote areas, granny flats for the elderly, and sustainable living fo container homes. The environmentally concious have welcomed the used of shipping container conversions to use as container homes as they are usually made from recycled products such as used shipping containers that have been refurbished to look new. Portable accommodation units can be fitted with doors and windows, vents and whirlybirds, ensuite and kitchenette, double bed or bunks, power and data cabling for phone and airconditioning plus additional accessories upon request.

Portable Workshops

Construction sites also use portable workshops for there builders to work from. They are normally fitted out with work benches, power outlets, shelving and additional side rollerdoors for easy access. Portable workshops are great for increasing production time and can be easily transported to the next constructed site when needed.

Dangerous Goods Storage Containers

Transporting and storing hazardous material can be dangerous, and because of strict laws that are now in place it is necessary to store these items in a dangerous goods storage container. These modified shipping containers are outfitted with an internal safety door handle, ventilation, bunded floor section (to allow for environmentally friendly waste disposal) and a lockable stainless steel valve for ensuring the safest and easy method of waste disposal.
The above Shipping container conversions can be constructed in three standard sizes – 10′ shipping containers, 20′ shipping containers and 40′ shipping containers. They can also be designed to any other size upon request, though the above sizes are usually easier to get hold of.

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