In early 2008 Port Shipping Containers were hired to manufacture storage containers to be shipped to the coldest climate on Earth: Antarctica.

The shipping containers were built for the University of New South Wales, which is taking part in a project to build an astronomical observatory on the frozen continent.

A Storage Container in Antarctica

Our challenge was to build a storage container that would withstand the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica and protect the delicate equipment inside.

The shipping containers were to be used to transport a high-tech robotic laboratory, which had to be delivered via a two-month journey by truck, ice-breaker, helicopter and tractor-pulled sled.

Port Shipping Containers were able to develop storage containers with special insulated properties to protect them from the frosty weather.

Needless to say, the laboratory arrived in pristine condition.

The high quality storage containers at Port Shipping Containers ensure your cargo will always be safe from damage.

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