If you’re looking for temporary storage space, then Port Shipping Containers offers Australia’s leading selection of shipping container hire. They manufacture high-quality products and the friendly staff is on hand to guide you on the right shipping container for your personal needs. Port Shipping Containers sells containers for permanent needs, but they also rent and hire out containers for those requiring containers for a shorter time frame. If you’re not entirely sure which option will match your needs, here’s a look at how hiring compares with renting.

What are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are cargo storage units for transporting goods across long distances, either by ship, plane, train, or truck. They come in a variety of standardised sizes with a standard width of 8 feet, however, they differ in length and height. The common shipping container sizes are 20-foot and 40-foot containers, but you can get as little as 10-foot containers. You’re most likely to come across the Standard Dry Containers in the 20- and 40-foot configuration, but there are many other types, including:

  • Open Top Containers with a removable top
  • High Cube Containers for increased storage
  • Flat Rack Containers with collapsible sides
  • Refrigerated Containers for food and pharmaceuticals
  • Insulated Containers for protection in harsh climates
  • Double Door Containers which open on both ends
  • Side Opening Containers for easy loading and offloading

What are the uses of shipping containers?

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Shipping containers were obviously designed for transporting cargo safely across borders, or storing cargo for extended periods, however, they have so many uses beyond this – particularly with modifications made. Some of the alternative uses for shipping containers include:

  • Retail spaces such as trendy pop-up shops in high-traffic areas and markets. 
  • Outdoor cafés and food stalls for malls, markets, and more.  
  • Innovative art galleries and studios for mobile installations. 
  • Mobile clinics to provide services to remote areas or in emergencies. 
  • Temporary classrooms and educational spaces.
  • Temporary offices and site facilities at construction sites.
  • Housing and accommodation, both temporary and permanent.
  • Music studios and rehearsal spaces with additional insulation. 
  • Data centres for IT infrastructure. 
  • Waste management and recycling centres.

There is a multitude of uses for shipping containers, and deciding whether to buy, rent, or hire a shipping container really depends on the nature of the business or your personal use. 

What is the difference between renting and hiring a shipping container?

Often the terms ‘rent’ and ‘hire’ are used interchangeably because both terms refer to paying an amount to use an item for a specified length of time. However, there are some differences when it comes to renting a shipping container and hiring a shipping container.

  • Duration of use: This is possibly the biggest differentiating factor between hiring and renting shipping containers. Hiring a shipping container is for a short-term agreement, usually around a month or less. However, renting a shipping container will be for anywhere from a few months to years. 
  • Cost: Hiring a shipping container is for a shorter period, which means the cost will be significantly less than if you’re renting a shipping container for a longer period of time. 

What are the advantages of hiring a shipping container?

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As mentioned, the cost of hiring a shipping container is significantly less than renting or even buying a shipping container. In fact, the starting price of hiring can be as little as $4.40 a day! Beyond this, however, there are several advantages that make hiring a shipping container first prize for many. 

  • Options: You can choose from a variety of shipping containers such as General Purpose, High Cube, and Refrigerated, depending on your needs. Because you’re hiring the container, you can always swap it out for another option if it’s not the right fit. 
  • Quick fix: If you need a shipping container for short-term storage, such as if you’re moving house or renovating, or if you’re looking to sell or showcase goods at a market, then hiring a shipping container is a great option. You can then take the time to assess whether you will need it for a longer period, and go from there. 
  • Deliveries: You don’t have to worry about collecting or returning the shipping container as that will be part of the service offered. They will have all the specialised equipment needed to load, transport, and offload your container safely and securely. This means that you can have your short-term storage solution where you need it, when you need it, with some offering next-day delivery if needed. 

How do you hire a shipping container?

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Hiring a shipping container through Port Shipping Containers is quick, efficient, and cost-effective! The first step is to get in touch with the friendly team on 1300 946 493 and they will walk you through the container hire process. The team is renowned for its first-class customer service, providing support from first contact through to delivery and collection. 

The team will ask you about your container needs, whether General Purpose, High Cube or Refrigerated would suit you. The friendly team will talk over container dimensions, weights, uses, and the delivery process, with no hassle and stress. The team supplies to a variety of industries, from mining and agriculture through to retail, as well as supplying to individuals in need of a multipurpose solution. 

Through quality service and products, Port Shipping Containers has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the best container hire companies in Australia. Every shipping container undergoes the rigorous ‘Container Health Check’ before being dispatched to customers countrywide. 

With reasonable hire rates, helpful staff, and a container to meet every need, it’s worth contacting Port Shipping Containers today.