Figuring out where to store your possessions safely is one of those frustrating hassles – and expenses – most people could do without. Whether you are spending a few months abroad for work, are heading out on the Great Ocean Road for the ultimate Australian caravan adventure, or if you simply need your furniture and other items secured in storage as you transition to your new home or whilst renovations are being done, you’re going to have to figure out the logistics of self-storage.

The truth is, using a storage centre can be expensive. When you look at the overall cost of storing your personal belongings at an off-site facility, where you have to travel to and from whenever you want to access your things, the expense grows even more.

Shipping container hire for self-storage, as well as removals, is emerging as a cheaper, more convenient alternative. Take a look at the advantages that shipping container storage offers to decide if this may be the most practical option for your next trip, move or home renovation.

No Hassle Storage When You Are Away

Hauling your items to a storage facility yourself is a lot of work. Plan on spending the day, paying a lot for fuel, and asking a couple of your friends to help. This is no easy job. Paying removalists to load their truck to move your things into storage can still be cumbersome, and it will eat into your budget.

You can eliminate all the hassle with shipping containers. At Port shipping Containers, we’ll bring the container to your house. Putting your stuff inside is easy because your container is right there at ground level. Choose between 10’, 20’ or 40’ container sizes so you’ll have plenty of room to store your items.

And the best part? They are ultra secure. No worry about break-ins, water damage, fire, or anything else whilst you are away. Your stuff is safe and your travel budget is left intact.

Convenience for Renovations

If you’ve had your home renovated before, you know how involved the process can be, and how at risk your expensive glass table top and velvet sofa are if they are still sitting in your home. For only a few dollars a day for shipping container hire, you can store your things and gain peace of mind that your renovators aren’t going to ruin your furniture.

Even better, because the shipping container stays on your property, you have easy access whenever you need anything or want to add more to your storage space.

Shipping Container Hire for Self-Storage Make Moving House Easier

You can also fill a shipping container to take a lot of the stress out of moving. Port Shipping Containers will even transfer your things to your new home!

Get in touch with us today for a free quote and find out how much you can cut down on your self-storage costs.