Refurbishing our containers gives our more experienced units a little more life whilst maintaining quality and affordability. Refurbished Shipping Containers make welcomed additions to any domestic, commercial or industrial site, by freeing up or adding space for storage or by providing a secure area for dangerous, unique or valuable goods. Refurbishment consists of repairing any surface or cosmetic damage the container has picked up throughout its travels I.e. surface rusting, door maintenance & repair and repainting both inside and out. Refurbished Containers come in 5 standard colours with the option for more custom colouring available.

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By choosing to refurbish a container you are given the choice of additional accessories not accessible to the standard Used Container range. These include a lockbox for added security (to ensure your goods are safe) to auxiliary ventilation to maintain a hospitable and fresh environment via air vents and whirlybirds. Supplementary internal shelving is also available.

We offer 3 convenient shapes and sizes of container all available for Refurbishment, including:



The General Purpose or GP container offers you everything you’d expect in a storage solution. Coming in three sizes (10’, 20’ & 40’) and is accessible through the secure 270° large double doors.

These containers are built tough with Corten Steel, guaranteeing a weather safe unit. Refurbished shipping containers sold through PSC are vermin and pest proof. The interior is as durable as the outside.  The ply flooring provides an efficient and cost-effective base for you to load and store your goods.

Refurbished Hc


The High Cube (HC) container has all of the reliable qualities of the General Purpose container, only this time by adding an extra vertical foot (30cm) giving you an extra spatial advantage. These units are a popular choice for storage and modifications as the extra height is practical and efficient.

Shipping Container Side Opening


Side Opening containers facilitate those of us who regularly access their container an easier route with the large Corten steel doors being attached to the side of the container, and not at the ends. Providing a direct access to your goods via a more ready point of entry.

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Refurbished Container Features

These units will not have any rusty patches or sections missing, the doors will be operational, door seals intact, floor intact and they will have no structural damage. These units are guaranteed weatherproof and will not leak. The exterior of the containers will have any surface rust removed (cut back) and the unit will be freshly painted. Colours available are blue, grey or green. These units may have minor dents and lightly stained floors.

Refurbished Shipping Container Delivery

We offer door-to-door services for container pickup and delivery. These delivery services include local and across-state moves. Our delivery methods including Tilt Tray, Side Loading via an Outrigger, Hiab and Semi-trailer delivery. Call for more details.

Modify Refurbished Containers

Nobody can modify a container to suit your needs quite like us at Port Shipping Containers. We offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. The possibilities that we can provide you are endless. Options can range from the more industrial side of our business relating to site sheds & offices, switch rooms, accommodation, ablution blocks, first-aid rooms, shelters, dangerous goods and explosive magazine containers.

The option for modification is not just limited to industrial purposes, we can help you and your business standout in today’s booming container shopfront market. Our containers are only limited to your imagination. Many of our clients have praised the bold aesthetic, cost effective, transportable & environmentally friendly workplaces they have created. This level individualised expressiveness has turned the hospitality industry turned on its head.

We also offer the chance for those looking for more simplified modifications the chance to do so with the standard options of windows, air-conditioning, hot-water systems and so forth available, as well as Joining Kits which allow you to extend the space inside your container by connecting it with another (this is an option on all 20 & 40’ containers). This is helpful for those looking for an open plan spatial adjustment or just some extra room for goods and storage.

The following details are the specifications for the 10′, 20′ & 40′ refurbished shipping containers.

Specifications 10′ Container 20′ Container 40′ Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 15.4 m3 33.2 m3 67 m3
Max Gross Weigh non payload 30,480 kg 30,480 kg
Tare Weight 1,500 kg 2,360 kg 3,980 kg
Dimensions Lenght Width Height
10′ External 3.10 m (10′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
10′ Internal 2.98 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
20′ External 6.05 m (20′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
20′ Internal 5.90 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
40′ External 12.1o9 m (40′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
40′ Internal 12.01 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
Door Size 2.34 m 2.28 m

Below are some examples of Refurbished Shipping Containers

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