If you’re situated in Canberra and looking for a shipping container, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Port Shipping Containers Canberra, we’ve been selling and hiring shipping containers to a huge range of satisfied customers for over 10 years, from big business to individuals alike and over the years, we’ve built up a number of depots all around Australia. So even though the nearest port is about two hours away (hello Wollongong), our Canberra depot means, we can have your shipping container with you by the very next day.

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Next Day Container Delivery

Our next day delivery service can come in very handy. For instance, you may be doing some catering for Parliament House and discover your cool-room has suddenly broken down. No need to panic. We can get a refrigerated container out to you ASAP. Need some portable toilet blocks for a rally or protest on the lawn? Give us a call and we can get them shipped out immediately. Need extra storage for equipment or furniture for a government function? Port Shipping Containers Canberra can arrange them all quickly and easily.

Of course we also provide both new and used 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers in Canberra for shipping goods, for use on construction and mining worksites, and for special projects like shipping container cafes, pop-up shops and alternative housing solutions as well.

We Deliver Anywhere in the ACT

Whether you’re north of Canberra in Dickson or Downer, or south of Canberra in Forrest or Kingston, out in Gungahlin or Belconnen, or down in Tuggeranong or Woden, we’ve got you covered. Campbell or Civic, Barton or Braddon, Lyneham or Lyons, Deakin or Dunlop, Fyshwick or Flynn, Griffin or Garran, Red Hill or Capital Hill…we can have a shipping container with you as soon as tomorrow. And of course we can deliver to Queanbeyan as well. Yes, we know Queanbeyan is most definitely not a part of the ACT, but if you live in Queanbeyan you can get a shipping container delivered to from Canberra the very next day.

Accommodation, Site Offices, Portable Toilets and More!

At Port Shipping Containers Canberra we also provide worksite solutions for the construction and mining industries, including portable accommodation, site offices, first aid rooms, lunchrooms, portable ablution blocks and sheds. So if you’re building in the ACT and need some extra equipment that you can load in and remove quickly and efficiently, give us a call.

Shipping Solutions for Import and Exporting from Canberra

If you’re exporting goods, we can sort you out with a top range of new and used standard and specialised shipping containers at a very competitive price. The range includes general purpose containers, high cube containers, side loading containers, insulated containers, refrigerated shipping containers, open top containers and flat rack containers. General purpose, high cube and refrigerated and insulated containers are also available for hire.

Special Projects Modified Containers

We don’t need to tell Canberra folk about how shipping containers can be used for a whole range of different things, because Australia’s capital city is way ahead of the rest! Westside Acton Park’s shipping container village on Lake Burley Griffin shows what can be done with a few steel boxes and some great imagination. If you want to join in the fun and have a go at converting a shipping container into a portable home, café or pop-up shop yourself, we have a range of used containers in Canberra at a great price just waiting to be converted into something special.

We also have a range of ready-made shipping container accommodations that can add a whole extra element to your house or home. Need an extra bedroom? Don’t extend – just ship in a shipping container! Want an office or granny flat or outdoor room? You can easily turn a little plot of your backyard property into a whole new living space with a shipping container.

Moving House? Why Not Use a Shipping Container?

A shipping container in the back yard or on your property is also a great storage solution. Whether you just need somewhere to store extra things, or want to pack your house to rent out while you go travelling around Australia or overseas, a shipping container can be a really cost effective option. And if you’re moving, our ‘Load Your Own’ Service makes things really easy.

Get Your Canberra Shipping Container Delivered Tomorrow!

Our Canberra Depot means that you can have your container delivered to you the very next day. To order your shipping container, give us a call on 1300 957 709 and let us arrange everything for you. Or you can fill out the quote form to get a full price list. Remember, we are 100% Australian owned. Plus all our containers come with a money back guarantee – another benefit of buying your container from Port Shipping Containers Canberra.

The following details are the specifications for the 10′, 20′ & 40′ containers available from Canberra.

Specifications 10′ Container 20′ Container 40′ Container
Inside Cubic Capactity 15.4 m3 33.2 m3 67 m3
Max Gross Weight no payload 30,480 kg 30,480 kg
Tare Weight 1,500 kg 2,360 kg 30,980 kg
Dimensions Length Weight Height
10′ External 2.10 m (10′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
10′ Internal 2.98 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
20′ External 6.05 m (20′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
20′ Internal 5.90 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
40′ External 12.19 m (40′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.59 m (8’6”)
40′ Internal 12.01 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
Door Size 2.34 m 2.28 m

If you’re confident you want your shipping container in Canberra to come from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, we’re going to run through more innovative ways you can use your Canberra shipping container for your home or business.

Shipping Containers Canberra

If you’re confident you want your shipping container in Canberra to come from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, we’re going to run through innovative ways you can use your Canberra shipping container for your home or business.

Shipping Containers For Canberra Residents

In recent years, those who crave smaller living spaces have begun using shipping containers as homes. By combining a number of containers together, dividing areas, and installing features such as solar panels and sliding glass doors, this is an excellent way to take a unique approach to small space living.

Other ways you can use a shipping container as a Canberra resident include:

Creating a Workshop or Office

If your house doesn’t have enough space for an office or workshop, try one of our shipping containers. To make this possible, Port Shipping Containers Canberra can install features such as:

  • Sturdy shelving that is ideal for holding heavy goods and storing files
  • Room divisions that allow you to create separate spaces
  • Locks, which will help you keep your office or workshop secure
  • Windows so you don’t have to work without natural light
Saunas and Relaxation Rooms

While we can’t install the sauna ourselves, it’s not unheard of for people to purchase a shipping container and use it for such purposes. As we provide shipping containers in a variety of sizes in Canberra, you can select the smallest option, instruct us not to add windows, and find a contractor who will create your sauna.

Alternatively, why not use one of our Canberra shipping containers to create a relaxation space? Whether you enjoy meditating or you want to dedicate a quiet area to reading, we can provide a container that meets your needs.

Shipping Containers for Canberra Businesses

Unique Marketing Opportunities

If you want to focus on your offline marketing activities, you can hire or buy one of our shipping containers in Canberra and turn it into a portable billboard. Doing this has several advantages over using a traditional billboard:

  • It’s more cost-effective
  • You can move the sign to a location of your choosing
  • You can use the container as a storage space, maximising your budget in the process

Whether you’re a Canberra resident or business owner, we’re happy to work with you to maximise your container’s potential. Port Shipping Containers Canberra provide both hiring and purchasing options; just contact us to find out more.