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Cargo Worthy Containers On Sale

Need more storage? Port Containers currently have a large number of 20ft Cargo Worthy General Purpose Containers on sale at discount prices. Our cargo worthy units are wind and water tight and feature timber flooring, internal anchor points and double swing doors in the end wall.

These units are available for delivery Australia wide starting from $1699 + GST (ex Sydney). Prices vary from other Port Container Depots, but are still competitive. For a quote including transport, please fill in our instant quote form on this page or call 1300 957 709.



Specifications 10' Container 20' Container 40' Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 14.5 m3 33.2 m3 67m3
Max Gross Weight 10,160 kg 24,000 kg 30,480 kg
Tare Weight 1.500 kg 2.360 kg 3.980 kg

Dimensions Length Width Height
10' External 3.10 m (10') 2.44 m (8') 2.59 m (8' 6'')
10' Internal 2.98 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
20' External 6.05 m (20') 2.44 m (8') 2.59 m (8' 6'')
20' Internal 5.90 m 2.35 m 2.38 m
40' External 12.19 m (40') 2.44 m (8') 2.59 m (8' 6'')
40' Internal 12.01 m 2.35 m 2.38 m

These units are in cargo worthy condition, meaning they are wind and water tight but do show signs of age (dints and surface rust). These units are still perfect for storing your goods for short or long term storage.

Promotion valid from 12.4.2016 to 30.4.2016, or until stocks last. Conditions apply.
Used 20ft Container for $1699 + GST is priced from our Sydney Depot. Prices vary from other Port Containers Depots. Price does not include delivery. Price correct as of the 12.4.2016, prices may change without notice. Please call for a formal quote.