With more and more people looking for eco solutions that take advantage of upcycling, it’s no surprise that second hand shipping containers are more in demand than ever. Fortunately, Port Shipping Containers sells a wide range of used shipping containers. Not only do we have extremely competitive prices, but we can also assure you of the quality and durability of the containers. Contact our team to discuss what you are looking for.

Second hand shipping containers are an affordable way to launch a project without posing a detrimental risk to the environment.

Our team has accumulated valuable experience working on all kinds of container projects. It’s a unique trend that melds practicality, creativity, and consumer consciousness. No matter the style or scale of your container project, contact our team for expert workmanship at affordable rates.

Additionally, we build shipping containers with durability in mind. This means that even though they might be finished in the shipping industry, they can still be used for all kinds of projects.

From bars and restaurants, to homes and hotels, we can create your dream container project for you!

No matter how complex the project, we are up for it! Our expert workmanship ensures quality finishes throughout, and professional attention to detail. And, of course, the same applies to the more simple shipping container modifications.

Construction and mining sites have long used second hand containers for many uses. Offices, ablution blocks, storage, shelter, etc can all come from used containers.

Simply contact the team at Port Shipping Containers to discuss your ideas, and watch them transform into reality.