Buy Brand-New ISO Containers

If you’re looking to buy brand-new ISO containers, it can be difficult to find one if you’re not sure where you should look. Additionally, you want to find a reputable seller to make sure that you’re actually getting what you pay for, and we can help.

We have a selection of quality, brand-new ISO containers at Port Shipping Containers, and you can rest assured that you get what you pay for when you purchase from our exclusive stock. ISO containers are perfect if you have to transport freight around Australia, or internationally, and they have to adhere to strict rules and quality guidelines. If they don’t, you can end up with fines or freight that won’t ship, and this can put you behind.

Our staff are experts when it comes to ISO container also known as intermodal containers, and we have years of knowledge and experience in inspecting and shipping them. Since the containers you get from us are brand new, you won’t have to worry about any rust, dings, corrosion or something not working as it should. They come straight from the manufacturer to us, and we store them until our customers request one.

Why Use ISO Containers?

Buying a brand new container allows you to ship your goods or items over several different types of transport without a problem, and this is great for people who routinely ship overseas or have to use several different transport methods to get their items to their destination.

They’re built to exact standards, and we do a thorough check of each ISO container that we get to ensure that they’re suitable and legal. This is why our customers can buy with confidence when they work with us.

ISO containers also come able to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and your items will arrive intact and free of damage due to water, wind or heat because the container will protect them. They also come with the structural integrity needed to be able to withstand repeated lifting by cranes and other pieces of heavy machinery during transport. This sturdiness is extremely important because a container can crack or become structurally unstable, and this can result in damaged or lost items.

Order Your ISO Container Today!

You can buy brand-new ISO containers from Port Shipping Containers! We have an exclusive stock that we’re ready to ship to your location, no matter where it may be in Australia. If you’d prefer to hire a shipping container we provide that service to. Contact us today to get started!