A modern coffee shop built out of a shipping container

This week we would like to share with you one of the most impressive container cafes Port Containers has been involved with. Built for Sync Design Pty Ltd, the brief for the Coffee Box Container was to provide a relocatable coffee bar which would convey a bold statement & visual appeal to its customers visiting the Redcliffe Hospital in Brisbane QLD. Sync is a Melbourne based residential, commercial & interior design studio co-founded by building designer David Tennant & interior designer Carly Tennant. With this integration of disciplines, the directors bring a broad-minded & holistic approach to their projects.

Coffee Box Container Features

The Coffee Box Container was constructed by Port Shipping using a high cube shipping container which had been clad in 100x25mm Silver Top Ash timber with exterior paint trims in Domino by Dulux.

The interior of the Coffee Box Container has been detailed to utilise every square inch of space and contains a 3 group coffee machine, cake fridge displays, drinks fridge, servery area along with food preparation and wash up area.

So why use a shipping container for the coffee shop structure?

“In order to speed up the fabrication time as we were working on a tight schedule” explains Creative Director Carly Tennant, “Sync designed and documented the space within a 20” high-cube shipping container shell that could be modified and fitted out in Melbourne with the ability to be transported anywhere in the country.”

We also asked Carly if she was happy with the end result “Yes, as we were working on a very strict deadline Port Containers went above and beyond in fitting in with Sync’s schedule and the process ran smoothly.”

Port Shipping Containers specialise in all types of Shipping Container products such as Display Containers, ‘Pop-up’ Shops, and even Container Bars. We have built cafes, restaurants and retail stores out of shipping containers for customers across the country.

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