How to get a CSC Certification for Shipping Containers is a question we at Port Shipping Containers get asked all the time. Shipping container manufacturers always attach a CSC (Container Safe Certification) plate to the outside of each container they make. You may have seen one of these safety plates on shipping containers being used to transport cargo.

Does Your Container Need CSC Certification?

While CSC certification for shipping containers is an important part of maintaining the quality and safety of containers, you likely won’t have to worry about regularly inspecting and maintaining certification for a container you hire or buy, because when you buy from a reputable container company like Port, we take of that for you!

Here’s a look at what CSC certification is and who needs to make sure certification is taken care of and kept up-to-date.

What Is CSC Certification for Shipping Containers?

CSC means ‘Container Safe Convention.’ The CSC standards were created by the International Convention for Safe Containers, which was formed in 1972 to help promote safety in the shipping industry by standardising factors such as strength requirements and testing procedures.

A CSC plate lists pertinent features of the container, which essentially let people know the container is safe for use and is capable of withstanding the sometimes heavy stresses of shipping cargo cross-country and overseas.

A CSC safety plate will list the following information:

  • The maximum gross weight
  • Allowable stacking weight
  • The racking test load
  • Where the container was approved for CSC certification
  • When the container was first manufactured

What if Your Shipping Container Doesn’t Have a CSC Plate?

The requirements of CSC certification for shipping containers requirements are intended for the shipping industry. If you were to buy a used shipping container to transport goods, you’d want to make sure the safety approval plate is still there – it’s usually attached on the outside of a container by the left door. In Australia, shipping containers need to be re-examined every 30 months in order to remain certified.

At Port Shipping Containers, all our used shipping containers for hire or sale throughout Australia have been CSC certified. We also regularly test and inspect our stock of containers to ensure they always exceed safety, quality and regulatory standards.

When you get a shipping container from us, whether you are buying one to build a container home or want to hire a container for self-storage during a move, you don’t have to worry about CSC certification for shipping containers. We make sure you have a container with a CSC plate if needed. For retail purposes, you won’t need a plate so we’ll usually remove it for aesthetic purposes.

Because we have a variety of sizes and types of used shipping containers, and the industry experience to know what features you will require for what you are using a steel container for, you can depend on Port Shipping Containers to give you a personalized experience.

You’ll get the shipping container you need, worry-free. Call us today to ask any questions and to learn more.