All standard shipping containers have at least one set of double doors. But, there is a special type of shipping container made for the shipping industry that has two sets of double doors – one set on each end of the container. These containers are known as double door shipping containers.

The Advantages of Double Door Shipping Containers

At Port Shipping Containers, we have double door containers for hire or purchase, in addition to our selection of general purpose, high cube containers, and side opening containers. Built to the same ISO specifications that all containers manufactured for intermodal transport live up to, double door containers also offer benefits that can come in handy for uses beyond the original shipping industry life.

Double Door Containers Offer Better Access for Storage

For removals or general residential or business storage needs, having two sets of double doors on your shipping container is more convenient than one. This is because you have easier access to stored items. Instead of having to carefully plan out the order you store your items in – whether you are storing your furniture and personal belongings safely out of the house during a renovation project or are a business owner using shipping container storage for stock overflow – double door shipping containers allows you to stack and store items as you need to with two-way access to your unit.

More Modification Options With Double Door Containers

If you are buying a shipping container in Australia to convert into a living space, workspace, or business, using double door shipping containers can be a smart option. As removing the original double doors to put in a different door or wall is easier than removing the original end of a single door container, your modification will be more cost-effective.

Depending on the design of your double door container, you may be able to save money and still get exactly what you want out of your building project. For example, if you:

  • Are building multiple containers together for a larger space, you’ll probably want the extra opening.
  • Want to replace the doors with a glass, timber, or another type of door or wall, taking off the double cargo doors is a simpler process than a steel wall.
  • Would prefer to leave both ends open, double door shipping containers are great. This is a common request for shipping container play structures.

Choosing The Right Type of Shipping Container for Your Project

Double door shipping containers are ideal if the easier access or easier modification suits your plans. However, there are other types of containers that may be perfect, whether you want more vertical space, extra protection for dangerous goods, or a side opening container. Make sure you know your options – contact our team today and we’ll let you know the most practical choices for your repurposed shipping container with double doors.