In-line with society’s need to find a more sustainable way of life, the shipping container architecture movement continues to spread across Australia. This time, literally, from Perth to Sydney. The creators of an adult-only hotel retreat in Perth have built a brand new boutique shipping container hotel in Sydney at Cockatoo Island, which opened its doors on 8 February 2018.

The new boutique shipping container hotel is a copy and paste of the original Perth boutique getaway, with the repurposed shipping containers being converted in Perth and then shipped to Sydney. It’s also another example of the growing trend to sustainable architecture. Being cost-effective, modular, and eco-friendly, for visionary designers, architects and builders like the duo from Contained, Irene Polo and Anatoly Mezhov, the appeal of durable, versatile steel containers is both irresistible and ultra sensible for a project such as a shipping container hotel.

Sydney’s Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Hotel

What’s inspiring about this project is that the whole concept is efficient and a nod to the sustainability movement, whilst also living up to luxury standards. The Cockatoo Island shipping container hotel is made purely from repurposed steel shipping containers. Each air conditioned room comes with a modern styled rooms and an exterior deck area for lounging. And, of course, a personal container plunge pool.

The retreat includes the hotel along with a new restaurant, Don Tapa. Guests can enjoy South American inspired food, made from local produce, with most ingredients coming from the on-site urban farm. Farm to table food, solar-powered, and made from repurposed shipping containers Contained Sydney is one more shining example that living more efficiently doesn’t mean giving up anything. Rather, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities when designers think outside of the box and discover new ways to build.

Staying at Contained Sydney, or visiting other hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, workspaces, and other destinations made from containers, is also a great way for individuals to experience shipping container living for themselves. From the spacious pool to the sun-lit rooms and luxurious shower, waking up in a used shipping container can be surprisingly exhilarating.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have a vast selection of repurposed steel shipping containers that can be used for any building project, not just large projects such as shipping container hotels. We can also do the conversions for you, whether you are looking for a relaxing container pool for your backyard, or you want to use a container for a work, play, or even a living space. Get in touch with us and learn more about the possibilities.