Modifying shipping containers have gained massive popularity in the past few years, and the modifications are endless. At Port Shipping Containers, we have the shipping containers you need to add as many windows as you want. Shipping container windows are a cost-effective option to open up a container and make it seem larger. Here are some reasons why you might want to add windows to your shipping container.

Add Windows To Open Up Your Shipping Container

We have several standard and specialised shipping containers available in 10, 20, and 40-foot sizes at Port Shipping Containers. Once you buy one of our shipping containers, you can start to modify it however you like. Adding windows is one of the most popular modifications, thanks to windows’ numerous benefits.

For shipping containers modified into offices or break rooms, windows are a cost-effective way to open up the container without compromising the structural integrity. You can add several larger windows to let natural light in and make the space seem bigger. This is great for people who are claustrophobic and who need open spaces.

Add Shipping Container Windows To Encourage Customer Interaction

Perhaps you plan to turn your shipping container into a small cafe or a bar. If this is the case, you want to have large open windows to give your customers access to you. A bar or cafe are all places that encourage customers to come, hang out and order food or beverages. Having windows all around your shipping container allows you to take orders, talk to your customers and grow your business.

Give Your Workshop Excellent Ventilation With Shipping Container Windows

People who have workshops typically require excellent ventilation when they work on their projects. Shipping containers with windows give you a sturdy and durable workshop, and you can open the windows to encourage cross ventilation or airflow. This can stop fumes from building up and becoming dangerous to be around.

You can close these windows at night or when you finish working on your project, and your workshop will be secure once again. You may even want to look into getting locks for your windows, so they stay down once you close them.

Get Your Shipping Container Today

Realise your dreams and contact Port Shipping Containers today. We can modify your shipping container and add as many windows to your shipping container as you want. We deliver all our Australia, and we have competitive pricing. If you have questions or want to know more, contact us today!