Used Shipping Containers – Brisbane, Queensland

Searching for used shipping containers Brisbane, Queensland? If so, look no further than Port Shipping Containers! We have dozens of options to choose from, and we’re happy to help you find the best container to suit your needs or wants!

We give our customers the chance to buy and hire new or used shipping containers, and our hire rates start at just $2.75 per day if you want a standard, refrigerator or high cube container. Additionally, we offer some of the lowest rates for buying a container as well! This price structure allows our customers to fit a container into their budget without having to worry about rearranging their finances to accommodate a large expense.

Benefits of a Used Shipping Container

Several benefits come with buying or hiring a used shipping container, and we’ve rounded up the best ones below.

* Cost – Cost is a huge benefit of buying a used shipping container instead of a new shipping container. Shipping containers come in grades, and you’ll generally pay less for a gently used shipping container, and this reduces the stress on your budget.

* Eco-Friendly – You’re upcycling a container to reuse it again instead of it ending up wasted in the environment. Not only does this save hundreds of kilograms of steel, but it also prevents it from taking up space and corroding away.

* Quality – Every used container from Port Shipping Containers comes in excellent shape. So much so, that it can be difficult for our customers to tell the difference between a brand new and gently used container. They may have a few cosmetic issues like dings or scrapes, but they’re perfectly serviceable as is.

Get a Used Shipping Container from Port Shipping Containers

Our line of used shipping containers come in great quality, several sizes and several styles. Whether you need a shipping container for residential or commercial use, our used shipping containers in Brisbane, Queensland are a great choice.

We even offer fast delivery, and you could have your used shipping container in as little as one business day because we have delivery ports all over Australia! You can get a free quote by getting in touch, and we can help you pick out the best used shipping container if you’re not sure which one you want.

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